Spring love story

We planned this photo shoot to happen on a Sunday morning, but we didn't imagine that on the day before it would be a storm... 

Alina was so nervous about it, she was so hoping for the photo shoot to happen. We kept reassuring her that the weather will be just fine in the next morning but we were nervous too because we didn't know what to expect!


So you can imagine how happy we all were when we saw a beautiful sunny morning....a bit chilly, the wind was blowing ...but Alina was a real trooper! 

I had the scenery in mind for a while and we just had to get there...even though it was a bit far but it was worth it!



All in all it was a good day for shooting and despite the chilly wind we had a great time!

And just look at these two love birds! aren't they just adorable together! 


We had lot's of fun too with some balloons and paper hearts !

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