Beautiful summer wedding

A beautiful afternoon + a lovely couple, lots of giggles and an awesome team : my sister and my aunt, who helped me with everything, with setting up the stuff we prepared for Levi and Anca. Oh! we had such a great time!

We are so grateful for the chance we are given to bring people so much joy and great memories of their beautiful moments together.

Anca and Levi were such sweethearts, they called us after the wedding to catch up and told us all their stories of how they met and fell in love and how they made the big step. We talked an laughed for hours and we still didn't get enough.

We actually met when they were searching for a wedding photographer and it was such a funny moment. We'll always remember their wedding day as it was a beautiful one. Everyone had so much fun, the atmosphere was so laid back; lots of kids playing and dancing, everyone laughing and jumping and just feeling good.

I hope we'll still meet them years in the future and see the same sparkle in their eyes as they have it now.