Waterfall engagement

We met Camelia and Marius  a while ago when they were searching for a photographer for their wedding  and I immediately saw  that they have a strong couple personality; they  are fun, outgoing, colorful people and as a couple they just shine.

We had the best of time while shooting their engagement session. Few minor incidents when the stone under my feet had crumbled and I was about to fall in the water; I'm thankful for my sister who caught me in time!phew. I admit I kind of get a bit too much into the shoot and where the right angles are than looking where I step, but all in all,  Camelia and Marius were so brave going in the waterfall I couldn't resist .

A great day spent at the Clocota waterfall that ended in the cozy garden of a beautiful villa . We had fun, we had a little bit of adventure and we relaxed drinking some lemonade and getting to know the beautiful young couple better! That's why I love engagement session :)

If you want to see more of this engagement session you can brows through the Gallery section below: