Love story at Rapa Rosie

When I first saw Maria and Sami I tought... this is how love looks like . They go so well toghether , their happiness is contagious and they are so sweet. 

Maria wrote a few books, I remember we were talking about that in the car on the way to Rapa Rosie; she was so sweet that at the end of the shoot she gave me 2 copies of her books. She is a very talented writer and Sami supports her in every way. 

You cannot get past these two and not admire their joy for life and the way that they enjoy each other. They just make you  smile and eek all the time.

The shoot was an adventure. It was so hot in the middle of day. We started as a story and we ended up with 4 endings , 4 very happy endings :)

 Romania has so many beautiful places and combining the love of two sweet people with the greatness of nature, I mean...what can a photographer want more. Nature is always beautiful and this particular location was indeed something special.

Maria and Sami thank you for letting us capture these moments.

Lia & Laura