Romantic wedding at Conacul Archia - Andrada & Alex

On a rainy summer day, last year, we met with Andrada and Alex for the first time to discuss their wedding plans. They were both very excited about it and so in love with each other and we couldn't wait to be at their wedding!

When they first met Andrada turned down Alex's initial invitation to go out but Alex was persistent and after Andrada agreed to meet for a drink she just felt like she knew him for a lifetime. Things just fell into place for them and after a couple of years they both decided to move to the UK. While in vacation in Romania Alex planned the big proposal with his best friends and rented a villa for the weekend. Everyone knew what was about to happen except an unsuspecting Andrada who got the surprise of her life when she saw Alex's original proposal: he wrote the big question on the back of his friends with black coal and lined them up by the pool on the tunes of a romantic song. Then he got on one knee and put the ring on her finger. How romantic is that!?

So here we were, one year later, documenting the beautiful love between these two wonderful people. They were surrownded by loved ones and dear friends that came from all corners of Europe to be a part of their big day. The friendship and happiness between them is contagious!

It was a pleasure to be back at Conacul Archia that provided the perfect venue for their romatic wedding, complete with a pool to remind them of their proposal day ^_^.
Andrada and Alex's  beautiful love story, unique personalities and original proposal all blended together in a magical twist of the classic romantic wedding, expressed so nicely by the talented Flavia from Selectflora who did an amazing job decorating the venue.  The blues and pinks were everywhere from the photo booth to the small details on the tables and chairs.

conacul archia

All in all it was a beautiful wedding to remember for years to come and we can see the love between these two will only grow stronger.

Andrada and  Alex you were amazing! thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.

Lia & Laura