A magical one year wedding anniversary

Anamaria and Cristian...where should I even begin?

They are the most amazing, kind, beautiful people that crossed paths with us in their jorney of becoming husband and wife.

We've met them online last year when Ana was preparing everything for their big day, from Germany. I remember how a mutual friend had told  her about us and she immediately contacted us. From that moment to the day of their wedding we used to constantly chat about how she imagined her wedding to be; I treid my best to help her out with ideas and gave her some advice about the poses and timing. She was an amazing bride to be, so calm and confident, she trusted us from the start, she even said " I give you all my confidence, I'm sure you'll do an amazing job " ...well that's a photographer's dream come true!!! so thank you Ana and Cristian for believing in us!

The wedding was a dream! They had listened to all our plans and ideas for capturing the best moments , every time we said oh the light is perfect or this should work great or can we do this now... they listened and  agreed and smiled and were just being their lovely selves . We developped a good colaboration and friendly bond since the begining and it was magical. Everything was so laid back and things went smoothly.

I'm sure you'll all remeber this wedding: http://www.weddingfaeriesphotography.com/#/anamaria-cristian/


So time has passed, the beautiful memories are here to keep and cherish. 

Their story goes something like this:

Ana met Cristian at a party. He immediately liked her but she wans't interested in a relationship so when he offered to give her a ride home she declined and took a cab instead. 
Everythig Cristian knew was the street where her office was. So for a week he set off to find her by asking every company on that street if Ana was working for them. He even had a quarrel with a gatekeeper for being too persistent.
Eventually he got her phone number and he called her to tell her about his search and beg her to meet him once. She agreed and after their first date they knew they had something going on.
Later they moved to Germany and the big proposal was scheduled for Christmas time. Cristian had planned this in advance and he asked Ana's brother to send him a ring of Ana's from Romania so he can get the right size engagement ring for her.
But Ana was impatient to exchange presents (as always) so she asked for her present in advance. Her ring was wrapped in a lot of boxes so she couldn't guess what it was at first but as she started unwrapping box after box she started crying. Their wonderful story had just begun...



So here it is, one year after their wedding,  their love is as new as it was then, so genuine, so beautiful, so natural.

And today, we just want to wish them a very Happy Anniversary!!!!! and many more precious memories for years to come. We love you and thank you for becoming our dear friends and we wish you from the bottom of our hearts  that you may have the most amazing and wonderful life togheter, a life full of  happiness and magical moments as you two deserve to have! 

Here are the beautiful photos we took on a very rainy day in Retezat Mountains, Romania. We hope you like them!



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