visirin lia

Summer photo session - Alina

Alina is such a sweet girl and a pleasure to work with.  She wanted to surprise her boyfriend on their 4th year anniversary  with some fun summery photos.

We couldn't decide between colorful balloons, flower swing or bubbles so we tried them all. Being a natural light photographer I really enjoyed the warm light and the beautiful setup.

It was windy but the golden light from the sunset was so gorgeous we ended the shoot in awe.


Waterfall engagement

We met Camelia and Marius  a while ago when they were searching for a photographer for their wedding  and I immediately saw  that they have a strong couple personality; they  are fun, outgoing, colorful people and as a couple they just shine.

We had the best of time while shooting their engagement session. Few minor incidents when the stone under my feet had crumbled and I was about to fall in the water; I'm thankful for my sister who caught me in time!phew. I admit I kind of get a bit too much into the shoot and where the right angles are than looking where I step, but all in all,  Camelia and Marius were so brave going in the waterfall I couldn't resist .

A great day spent at the Clocota waterfall that ended in the cozy garden of a beautiful villa . We had fun, we had a little bit of adventure and we relaxed drinking some lemonade and getting to know the beautiful young couple better! That's why I love engagement session :)

If you want to see more of this engagement session you can brows through the Gallery section below: