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Cati and Damien - traditional romanian wedding

I can't believe it's been almost one year since we shot this beautiful, inspiring wedding!
Time and again I think about it and every time I smile. It was a very long and tiring day from a working point of view but it brought us such immense satisfaction to see the end results and to have been a part of it all.

Cati and Damien met at an international exchange program. Damien (he's a teacher in France) came for a summer camp with the school kids, Cati was their translator. 
Damien admits it was love at first sight. He knew he would come back to Romania to meet the girl that stole his heart and ever since they traveled a lot between Romania and France to be together until the day they decided to get married.

Their wedding was a blend of everything they love: traditions, dance, traveling and above all friendship that goes beyond the borders.
Their friends came from all over Europe to be at their wedding and they chose as location Sibiu, a city that has a special place in their hearts. 

It was such a pleasure to document such authentic moments. All the details and decorations were made with such care and attention and Cati made sure they had a perfect traditional script. Her costume was a hand-me-down from her grandma and they rented traditional homes in Muzeul Satului Astra as a traditional setting for their wedding. The wedding invitation and return gifts were made in collaboration with Liloobox .

The imposing Baroque church from Sibiu's Square was the place they chose to say their vows in front of God. Needless to say it was breathtaking.

To continue with the beautiful locations of their wedding they chose Brukenthal Palace from Avrig to host the wedding reception.

With a host of real friends no party can be boring so Cati and Damien were in for some surprises of their own when everyone started a flashmob on the beats of "Pharrell Williams - Happy" song. 

Everything was exquisite and organized with great care from the beginning to the end.

Cati and Damien you are one of those couples that we will hold dear to our hearts forever and ever!

Lia & Laura

Special thanks to the teams of people that made this day possible:
Brukenthal Palace from Avrig- venue
Invitation and return gifts - Liloobox
Wedding Faeries - photography & video

liloobox invitatie traditionala
muzeul satului sibiu
Sf. Treime Sibiu
Brukenthal  Avrig



Romantic wedding - Luminita and Marco at Archia

I can honestly say that this was one of the most heartfelt weddings I had the chance to document yet. Stories, people, the warm, happy energy that Luminita was radiating at every step. She is such a positive person you just get mesmerized by her big smile and her wonderful heart.

They had a special story and a special connection. Luminita was in Cluj when she met Marco the first time at a fair. He just came with business and she was there with work; first time they saw eachother they actually didn't think much but faith made so that they were put together on a lovely evening out and they had the change to get to know eachother. Since then Marco couldn't get through another day without seeing her magical smile. He went back and forth from Italy to Romania just to spend more and more time with her. After a while life made Luminita move to Italy and there in a beautiful italian sunset, with a clumsy hand, Marco proposed and here is when all this started to happen.

Her sister Laura stumbled upon us and since then Luminita was sure we would resonate perfectly to capture her special moments from her big day. She wanted with all her heart to make the preparation back to her grandmothers house in the village she grew up in. Her grandmother paid an important role to her and you can imagine the bitter sweet joy in her grandmother's eyes when she saw her granddaughter in a most  beautiful white dress coming down the steps of her old house.

Marco chose a beautiful location at Villa Venus, for him and his family to begin preparations for the big day. He wore the same cufflinks that his father wore at his wedding, and all the little details that just made all of  it so wonderful and special and unique. 

The wedding party took place at Conacul Archia hosted by Horia who is always so helpful and generous and I do think that their happiness  caught his eyes too, it's impossible to go past them and not be forever touched. And the beautiful decorations made by Laura from Deco Efect who reached to their expectations as always. 

That day was just so genuine, all the emotions, the people and the connections between them. Special people attract special people and these two will remain dear to my heart as friends and wonderful people. 


The team that made this beautiful day possible :
Venue: Conacul Archia
Groom preparations: Villa Venus
Decorations: Deco Effect
cake &candy bar: Cofetaria Arta
Photography & Videography: Wedding Faeries Photography


Romantic wedding at Conacul Archia - Andrada & Alex

On a rainy summer day, last year, we met with Andrada and Alex for the first time to discuss their wedding plans. They were both very excited about it and so in love with each other and we couldn't wait to be at their wedding!

When they first met Andrada turned down Alex's initial invitation to go out but Alex was persistent and after Andrada agreed to meet for a drink she just felt like she knew him for a lifetime. Things just fell into place for them and after a couple of years they both decided to move to the UK. While in vacation in Romania Alex planned the big proposal with his best friends and rented a villa for the weekend. Everyone knew what was about to happen except an unsuspecting Andrada who got the surprise of her life when she saw Alex's original proposal: he wrote the big question on the back of his friends with black coal and lined them up by the pool on the tunes of a romantic song. Then he got on one knee and put the ring on her finger. How romantic is that!?

So here we were, one year later, documenting the beautiful love between these two wonderful people. They were surrownded by loved ones and dear friends that came from all corners of Europe to be a part of their big day. The friendship and happiness between them is contagious!

It was a pleasure to be back at Conacul Archia that provided the perfect venue for their romatic wedding, complete with a pool to remind them of their proposal day ^_^.
Andrada and Alex's  beautiful love story, unique personalities and original proposal all blended together in a magical twist of the classic romantic wedding, expressed so nicely by the talented Flavia from Selectflora who did an amazing job decorating the venue.  The blues and pinks were everywhere from the photo booth to the small details on the tables and chairs.

conacul archia

All in all it was a beautiful wedding to remember for years to come and we can see the love between these two will only grow stronger.

Andrada and  Alex you were amazing! thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.

Lia & Laura