Helenka and Adrian - Beautiful barn style wedding

We love it when clients come to us after browsing through our portfolio convinced that we can offer them exactly the photos they wish for. Helenka was one of these clients and even if we just met one day before her wedding we managed to work together in creating beautiful memories.

Helenka and Adrian picked a beautiful location (King's Land - Ineu) near Oradea. The surrounding vast fields of green, the beautiful golf course, the lakes and all the little details organized by Fiviya Art set it apart as the perfect wedding venue.

The simplicity of the ceremony, the warm people that surrounded them and the beautiful location made for a perfect blend in which they united their hearts and the grace and love of God shone on them all through the day.

Helenka and Adrian may you grow old together keeping the same love for each other and may God guide your steps in finding only happiness on the way.

fotografii nunta oradea
oradea fotografie nunta

Dinosaur birthday party

It's been  quite a while since March.

We were so busy that time, we were excited because Marc's dad was coming from India to have fun with us at his 4th birthday so we just had a bit of time to make the  decorations .

Marc definitely stated that he wants real dinosaurs this time so we "obeyed" 

We had contacted Dana from  Sugar Dust  to make the cookies and cupcakes ( with lots of chocolate as Marc requested! ).

I must tell you she is just the sweetest person ever. I've only talked to her on the phone and then we met in a cafe . I didn't really know exactly what I wanted but she came prepared with a board of pictures on her tablet and she was just on topic and so devoted to what she does . So at that time I just wanted a bit of everything. She came with the awesome idea of making volcanoes and surprised us with cookies in shape of number 4 ! how cute is that! and then she just made those incredible dinosaur cookies! I was so happy when I saw them 

Too bad we couldn't really order the cake from Dana too, time was too short and  we ordered it at a local bakery... it didn't turn out how we expected it to, so we improvised with a huge dino, a volcano and some leaves. Phew!

Marc was in awe when he saw all the dinosaurs! AND THE CHOCOLATE !! :)) He wanted to put his own candles on the cacke too so he was really enjoying every bit and that was awesome!